Berkcan Okar is an award winning Visual Designer.
Born in 1989, lives in Istanbul.
Founder & Creative Director at YER Creative //
Creating key art, book covers, album covers and campaign for the entertainment industry.
He was a Chief Designer at 46 Magazine for seven years.
International Design Awards / Print – Key Art (Gold) 2020
Top Shorts Design Atölyesi Söyleşi
Design Week Turkey
Faruk Saraç MYO Seminar
BauIDEA Seminar
Smit Summit 2018
International Design Awards / Print – Key Art (Gold – Silver – Bronze) 2016
Poster Biennale Lublin 2017 Exhibition
36th Graphic Design Exhibition
34th Graphic Design Exhibition
Grafist 14 Mimar Sinan University
Photoshop Magazine
Embrosyst Visual Communication Magazine
Respect To Sinan Photography Competition / The Architect of Domes
İskele 3

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